Evolved technology built into a reliable and proven design.

OER-Elite provides efficiencies and ease-of-use to improve the human factor.

OER-Elite simplifies your reprocessing
experience with Smart Navigation

Experience easy set-up and guidance through the touch screen.

Connection Guide

Scan Scope RFID and the connecting tubes you need are displayed on the touch screen.


Consumables Management

Replacement indicators let you know that it’s time to replace the filters or disinfectant.


Error and Recovery Indications

Touch screen messages troubleshoot errors and describe how to recover.


Leaking Scope Decontamination

OER-Elite offers the ability to decontaminate a leaking scope prior to returning it for service.

Mitigate Risk through Automated Channel
Monitoring, Connector Fluid Overflow and
Log Data Management Systems
Channel Monitoring System

Reduce operation errors with OER-Elite’s Channel Monitoring System. Monitor suction channels and connecting tubes to ensure your scopes are reprocessed and correct tubes are properly connected.


Connector Fluid Overflow System

Facilitates penetration of cleaning fluid into connectors between the connecting tubes and the scope. This unique feature is made possible because Olympus manufactures both the endoscope and the reprocessor.


Log Data Management

Enables input of manual reprocessing confirmation, endoscopic procedure ID, physician ID, scope ID, AER reprocessing, user ID and consumable item information to effectively manage your endoscope reprocessing records.

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Reliable, Proven Reprocessing Efficacy
Achieve reliable reprocessing results with the unique combination of Ultrasonic
Cleaning, Alkaline Detergent and fast-acting High Level Disinfectant.
  • Fast acting peracetic acid delivers High Level Disinfection (HLD) with Acecide-C in seven minutes (10 minutes for select scopes)
  • A highly effective cleaning combination = EndoQuick + ultrasonic cleaning provides efficacious cleaning
  • Winning Combination = Ultrasonic cleaning + EndoQuick Alkaline Detergent + Acecide-C PAA for HLD
  • Olympus tested and approved products to provide reliable cleaning efficacy and scope longevity


Manual cleaing with conventional reprocessed

The modified manual cleaning flow allows for quicker and easier reprocessing by eliminating 7 of the 11 manual cleaning steps, including the most labor intensive and variable part of the process: manual flushing of the endoscope channels with detergent, water and air1.

1 Consult the Instructions for Use that came with the endoscope to obtain detailed reprocessing instructions.

Key Reprocessor Features

Key Reprocessor Features
Endoscope Forceps Elevator Reprocessing

This innovative one-of-a kind feature provides a dedicated reprocessing cycle and connecting tube for endoscopes with forceps elevators.


Channel Adapter Cleaning: (MH-948)

Reprocess the endoscope and accessories (air/water valve, suction valve, biopsy valve, AW channel) simultaneously.

Fast Reprocessing Time

The OER-Elite reprocesses Olympus flexible endoscopes and other approved items in approximately 28 minutes*

* It takes approximately 28 minutes in Program 1.

Heating Timer for Disinfectant Solution

Avoid the Morning Wait: A heating timer for disinfectant solution ensures that the OER-Elite will be ready for reprocessing even when starting early on a cold winter morning.

Trusted Products

Olympus continues to set new standards in endoscopy by delivering today’s most advanced imaging and therapeutic equipment while maximizing workflow and reducing the risk of infection.

The OER-Elite plays an important role in our Infection Prevention Portfolio of products and services by providing high-level disinfection for Olympus endoscopes, while enabling efficiencies and ease-of-use built into a reliable and proven design.

Commitment to patient safety is evident in every aspect of our approach to infection prevention products, support, and education.

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The TJF-Q190V is the newest generation of Olympus duodenoscope that features a single-use, disposable distal cover and dedicated flushing adapter for consistent and reliable reprocessing. The OER-Elite compliments this feature by providing a dedicated reprocessing cycle and connecting tube for endoscopes with forceps elevators.

Unifia Scope Tracking Software
Designed to give healthcare providers greater visibility and operational awareness, Unifia is a GI- and respiratory-focused software platform that streamlines scope reprocessing documentation, workflow, and asset management. Collecting and connecting information is simple and easy—Unifia lets you quickly scan and track data from reprocessing systems, leak testers, and storage cabinets.

ChanlDry® Endoscopic Drying Cabinet
Drying is a crucial step in infection prevention. Delivering continuous airflow through and around endoscopes, ChanlDry drying cabinets complete the reprocessing cycle by providing a secure drying and storage environment. ChanlDry meets AORN, CDC, SGNA, and AAMI standards for the drying of endoscopes.

PROTECH Flexible Endoscope Tip Protector
The PROTECH distal tip protector provides a protective barrier around endoscope tips during transport and storage, while also helping to identify scope reprocessing status.

Endo SafeStack Transport Cart
This rigid, covered system allows secure transport of reprocessed endoscopes while limiting exposure to environmental contaminants.

Olympus reprocessing chemicals are dedicated for use in Olympus OERs, and validated for use with Olympus endoscope materials.

Room temperature, aldehyde-free, reusable liquid chemical germicide designed for exclusive use with the OER-Pro.

Alkaline detergent that works with Ultrasonic cleaning to remove bioburden.

FlexClean® 895
Biodegradable, highly concentrated detergent for endoscope cleaning.

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