Reprocessing Documentation, Workflow and
Asset Management System

Unifia is a GI focused software platform that helps healthcare professionals have greater visibility and operational awareness of their departments.

As the complexity of cleaning and disinfecting endoscopes increases staff compliance to endoscope reprocessing instructions becomes even more challenging. This requires staff supervisors, infection prevention champions and supply chain managers to have greater visibility into the utilization, cleaning, reprocessing and storage of the flexible endoscopes in their departments.


With Unifia connecting and collecting data from reprocessing and storage devices has never been easier. Unifia’s wireless scanner technology puts the ability to capture data from virtually all automated endoscope reprocessors, storage cabinets, leak testers and bio burden test kits in the palm of your hand. OER-Pro users can gain greater insight into their reprocessing times, scope serial numbers and HLD temperatures.


The Unifia Daily Dashboard and records are used to communicate critical patient and endoscope interactions across your
entire GI department. Keeping your staff in sync and working efficiently.

A consolidated real time Daily Dashboard view provides insight into critical operational, reprocessing and storage steps
including procedure room turnover, delayed reprocessing requirements, manual cleaning times, and endoscope hang times.

Unifia’s wireless scanner technology communicates onscreen alerts users when scanning steps are missed driving repeatable
and compliant reprocessing processes while making sure all required data is collected.

In the procedure room, Unifia can track how much procedure time has elapsed, who the patient is and what doctor is performing the procedure.

When the procedure is over the Unifia Daily Dashboard is updated to alert users the procedure room needs to be turned over.

In the soiled room an awaiting manual cleaning time is tracked to reduce the need for delayed reprocessing steps.


In the reprocessing room users are able to easily log MRC testing results.

Track endoscopes as they move through the GI lab, including the last location they were scanned.

Replace paper record systems for tracking endoscope hang times.




The Unifia Analysis reporting engine provides users
with the power to see their GI department like never before.

Built on a powerful analytics platform the Unifia Analysis module gives users the ability to make informed and data driven decisions. Unifia comes with report templates offering vivid and easy to understand graphs right out of the box.

Understanding your endoscope utilization and mix lets supply chain managers make informed decisions during endoscope acquisitions and service contract negotiations making sure your GI department is prepared to meet procedural demands.

Whether you are Nurse Manager or Infection Prevention champion, the Unifia Analysis module gives you the power to audit staff workloads, endoscope reprocessing compliance, and reprocessing breach analysis in one simple interface.


Understanding peak and low demand periods helps optimize staffing at a facility to meet these demands.

Identifying which staff members have been taking the shortest and longest amount of time to manually clean endoscopes can assist in modifying staff behavior through remedial competency training.

Benchmarking staff performance by looking at how long the endoscope is located in specific areas provides insight into what workflows are and are not working well.