FlexClean® 895

More effective for cleaning flexible endoscopes than popular enzymatic detergents

Significant Cost-Savings

FlexClean® 895 is highly concentrated, requiring only 1 ounce per 4 gallons of water. Less FlexClean® 895 means more uses per gallon and less cost per endoscope reprocessed.

Most popular detergents used to reprocess endoscopes require 2–4 times more detergent, resulting in a high cost per endoscope reprocessed.

Cleaning Efficiency

The highly effective cleaning effciency has been verified in scientific studies. FlexClean® 895 was compared to popular enzymatic detergents and was found to be exceptional.

Environmentally Friendly

FlexClean 895 is biodegradable. The use of a highly concentrated FlexClean® 895 reduces shipping expenses by 50–75%, reducing the carbon footprint. Also, more uses per gallon means less product to store and handle.

Safe for Use with Olympus Flexible Endoscopes

FlexClean® 895 was rigorously tested for material compatibility with Olympus flexible endoscopes and was found to be fully compatible.

Designed with Users in Mind

FlexClean® 895 was submitted to Reprocessing Technicians and Nurses during the design process to develop a product that the reprocessing staff would like. Factors including smell, color, foaming, and ease of use were optimized based on user input.

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