An aldehyde-free, liquid chemical germicide designed exclusively for the OER-Pro that provides an easier, safer, more efficient reprocessing solution and proven material compatibility with Olympus endoscopes

Safer for your staff and your scopes.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique, easy-to-handle cassette bottles allow for quick and easy chemical loading while minimizing exposure to the disinfectant — enhancing safety for the user.
  • Fast acting PAA delivers high-level disinfection in 7 minutes, resulting in a short 26-minute OER-Pro1 cycle time.
  • Time-saving test strip verifies efficacy in just 13 seconds — changing from white to black for clear interpretation of results.
  • Convenient room-temperature (20ºC) use protects equipment while saving on utility costs.
  • Only PAA available that has been validated for material compatibility with Olympus endoscopes by the endoscope manufacturer.

Product Overview

Acecide-C is delivered in a set. One set of Acecide-C is loaded into the disinfectant drawer of the OER-Pro, when Acecide-C Solutions 1 and 2 are combined automatically with water to deliver an Acecide-C Use-Solution for high-level disinfection with PAA as the biocidal agent. Acecide-C is reusable for up to 5 days or when the Acecide test strip reveals that the concentration is below the Minimum Recommended Concentration, whichever comes first.

Product Characteristics

  • Minimum Recommended Concentration (MRC):2,000 ppm (0.2%)High-Level Disinfection: 7 minutes at 20°C (68°F)
  • Reuse Period: Up to 5 days
  • No activation required

Ordering Information

  • ACECIDE-C: Acecide-C High Level Disinfectant (6 sets)
  • ACECIDE-C TEST: Acecide-C Test Strips (100 count)

For more information, contact your local Olympus sales representative, or call 800-848-9024

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1 The OER-Pro can be used with Acecide-C to achieve high-level disinfection in 7 minutes, or with ALDAHOL®, a ready-to-use disinfectant that achieves high-level disinfection in as low as 10 minutes.

Olympus and OER-Pro are trademarks or registered trademarks of Olympus Corporation, Olympus America Inc., and /or their affiliates. ALDAHOL is a trademark of Healthpoint, Ltd. Acecide is a registered trademark of Saraya Co., Ltd.

Acecide-C is manufactured by Best Sanitizers, Inc.