• Precise dissection, or
    reliable vessel sealing?
    That's Energy
  • Advancing Open Surgery
    THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw
    Reliable Vessel Sealing
    and Precise Dissection in
    a Multi-Functional Design.
  • One Instrument
    Achieving More
    THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw
    Breakthrough Technology for
    Precise Open Surgery.

ONE INSTRUMENT. ACHIEVING MORE. At Olympus, we know you are constantly challenged to do better. To do more. Often with less. That’s why we developed the THUNDERBEAT® advanced energy portfolio. Innovation that’s changing the face of energy. One platform. Dual energies. The versatility to replace multiple instruments. All powered by a single, universal generator.
Reliability & Efficiency Through Groundbreaking Hybrid Energy
THUNDERBEAT seal and cut mode (purple button) delivers advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energy simultaneously contributing to high performance and efficiency.
  • Reliable 7mm vessel sealing &
  • Significantly faster precise tissue dissection
Ultrasonic Energy
Rapid & Precise Dissection
Hybrid Energy
Significantly Faster & Precise Dissection
AND Reliable Vessel Sealing (7mm)
Bipolar Energy
Reliable Vessel Sealing
Immediate Spot Coagulation with Advanced Bipolar
THUNDERBEAT seal mode (blue button) delivers advanced bipolar energy without the cutting effects of ultrasonic energy
  • Immediate spot coagulation without instrument exchange
  • Tissue impedance feedback
Revolutionary Jaw, Unprecedented Versatility
In addition to delivering two forms of energy, the jaw is designed to act as a dissecting and grasping instrument fulfilling a variety of surgical needs with a single instrument for
  • Precise tissue management including fine dissection, blunt dissection, secure tip grasping and spot coagulation
  • Versatility to replace multiple instruments with a single handpiece which can contribute to efficiencies through reduced instrument usage & exchange, uninterrupted operative flow and reduced OR time
Intelligent Tissue Monitoring
Improved temperature management with Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM), the only autostop system for ultrasonic-cutting devices that stops the energy output after transection.
  • Intelligent technology that responds to changing tissue conditions by regulating energy delivery for improved temperature management.
  • When tissue is transected, ITM automatically stops the energy output and THUNDERBEAT starts the cooling phase.
Tissue Transection | Conventional Ultrasonic Devices | Cooling Phase - Automatically stopped energy output.
Powered by the EPF-1 Surgical
Tissue Management System
The foundation of our energy portfolio is the EPF-1, a remarkably versatile solution that eliminates the need for multiple generators in the hospital by integrating today’s most common forms of energy into a single platform. Drive efficiencies through standardization to one generator that delivers monopolar, bipolar, advanced bipolar, ultrasonic, and hybrid energy (multiple energies delivered simultaneously) meeting all of your energy needs.
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The THUNDERBEAT is the choice of energy for advanced vessel sealing and efficiency combined with precise tissue management.

The THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw is a multifunctional advanced energy device providing reliable 7mm vessel sealing and precise tissue management for open surgery.

The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw is a revolutionary advanced energy device specifically designed for precise open surgery.