ChanlDry Endoscope Drying Cabinet

Providing endoscope protection and
bacterial growth
Delivering continuous air flow through and around endoscopes, ChanlDry Drying Cabinets complete the reprocessing cycle by providing a secure drying and storage environment for endoscopes.

Drying is a crucial step in infection prevention.

“Endoscope drying and storage are as important to the prevention of
nosocomial infection as cleaning and high-level disinfection.”6

Inadequate drying of endoscope channels is a possible cause of microbial proliferation during storage.5

Endoscope drying cabinet air connections

A continuous flow of air through endoscope channels helps eliminate moisture needed for bacterial growth.

ChanlDry features two independent filtered air flow cycles that distribute air:

  • Around the outside of endoscopes
  • Through endoscope channels

Does your endoscope storage meet society standards?

  • AORN: Flexible endoscopes should be stored in a drying cabinet.1
  • CDC: Drying the endoscope is essential to greatly reduce the chance of recontamination of the endoscope by microorganisms that can be present in the rinse water.2
  • SGNA: Endoscopes must be stored in an area that is clean, well-ventilated and dust-free in order to keep the endoscopes dry and free of microbial contamination.3
  • AAMI: The endoscope should be hung vertically with the distal tip hanging freely in a well-ventilated, clean area, following the endoscope manufacturer’s written IFU for storage.4

Filter Efficiencies

Cabinet HEPA Removes 99.97% of air particulates up to 0.3µm
Compressed Air Filters Removes 99.97% of air particulates up to 0.01µm

Flexible Cabinet Design

Multiple material and design options meet the needs of diverse reprocessing environments.
Scopes hanging in ChanlDry Drying Cabinet

Powder-coated steel
Constructed of durable metal with a special rust-proof, antibacterial coating

Stainless Steel
Constructed of non-porous, rust-resistant stainless steel that is easy-to-clean

Pass-through option
Available for facilities that would like to separate reprocessing and storage environments

Optional Compressor
Convenient air option when hospital-provided air is not available. To ensure optimal performance, preventative maintenance is required with this option.

Easy-to-Use Air Connectors

Each connection continually blows pressurized air through the endoscope channels.

Quick Connect Air Manifold Provides easy-to-reach connections to endoscope channels

truConnect Clip Features a simple squeeze-and-release mechanism enabling quick, accurate connections from endoscope channels to the manifold

Controlled Air Output Regulates air flow to a maximum 25 PSI output, ensuring sensitive endoscope channels will be dried without being damaged

Pressure-Relief Valve Protects delicate endoscope channels from damage

See the truConnect IFU or a complete list of available connectors.


Choose from the following accessories to complement 
your ChanlDry Drying Cabinet

Cabinet Upgrades

  • PCSExtension: Powder Coated Steel Extension with Steps
  • STNExtension: Stainless Steel Extension with Steps
  • KeylessEnt2DR: Electronic Keyless Entry
  • EUS Holder: Holder for EUS scopes
ChanlDry Drying Cabinet keyless lock

Keyless Lock

Scopes hanging in ChanlDry Drying Cabinet

EUS Holder


  • Lockerhepafilter: Cabinet HEPA Filter
  • ScopeDrySVC: 6 month compressor filter kit
ChanlDry Drying Cabinet HEPA filter

Cabinet HEPA Filter


ChanlDry connectors are compatible with most flexible GI scopes, including colonoscopes, bronchoscopes, EUS scopes, duodenoscopes, gastroscopes, and enteroscopes.

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