Advanced Reporting

The Advanced Reporting interface allows you to meet all your GI and/or pulmonary documentation needs. The easy-to-use interface facilitates quick, comprehensive report/letter generation for all aspects of the endoscopic procedure. A detailed clinical knowledgebase for all procedure types helps generate comprehensive reports and letters through simple keyword selection. Clinical terminology can be customized to meet user needs and minimize time to generate text. All this and more make EndoWorks the ideal automated reporting system for reducing dictation costs while maximizing your productivity.

Key Features:

  • Customize template-based procedure reports at the user or facility level
  • Search extensive clinical knowledgebase (based on MST) using intuitive keyword interface engine
  • Create physician, nurse, pathology and patient reports/letters
  • Distribute reports and letters via fax or email notification
  • Import scanned documents and export PDF exam files
  • Capture clinical data across all stages of patient care
  • Track time-based vital signs and medications
  • Record visit and exam times
  • Manage scope, accessory and other equipment usage during an exam
  • Manage and track pathology specimens

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