Dual Action Lithotripsy System

The Shockpulse-SE (Stone Eliminator) is the next generation Cyberwand system from Olympus, offering dual action lithotripsy with proprietary technology to simultaneously produce constant ultrasonic wave energy and intermittent shockwave (ballistic/mechanical) energy via a revolutionary single probe design. The ShockPulse offers unmatched performance and greatly reduces procedure time.

Key Benefits

  • Superior Speed & Efficiency: Effectively fragments and aspirates all stone sizes, shapes and composition
  • Intuitive Surgeon Control: Ergonomic hand piece with integrated suction and hand activation
  • Versatility: Full range of probes and sizes (Kidney, Ureter & Bladder)

Product Support

Voltage: 90–264 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D): 14.25 x 15.5 x 4.25 in (36 x 39 x 11 cm)
Weight: 14.1 lbs (6.4 kg)
Electro-medical: Class I, Type BF
Frequency: 19,500 Hz - 21,500 Hz
Footswitch (SPL-FS)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 9 x 2.2 x 6.5 in (23 x 5.5 x 16.5 cm)
Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Classification: IPX6 watertight type (except plug)
Transducer (SPL-T) with Nose Cone (SPL-NC)
Diameter: 2 in (4.8 cm)
Length: 7.7 in (19.6 cm)
Weight: 0.99 lbs (0.45 kg)
Cable Length: 10 ft (3 m)
Validated Lifetime: 100 Reuses

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