OES Pro Telescopes


OES Pro Telescopes

Olympus 4 mm Telescopes feature renowned Olympus optics and quality craftsmanship to deliver superior surgical performance and durability. With fields of view ranging from 12° to 110°, Olympus telescopes are designed to meet every clinical need for the field of urology.

Key Benefits

  • High optical quality
  • Outstanding durability
  • Two-year autoclavability guarantee
  • Compatible with previous Olympus cystoscopes and resectoscopes

Product Support

TELESCOPE MODELS (Telescopes are delivered with instrument tray WA05990A):
A22000A: 4 mm, 0° direction of view, autoclavable
A22001A: 4 mm, 12° direction of view, autoclavable
A22002A:4 mm, 30° direction of view, autoclavable
A22003A: 4 mm, 70° direction of view, autoclavable
A22004A: 4 mm, 110° direction of view, autoclavable
A22005A: 4 mm, 30° direction of view, wide angle, autoclavable
WA20021A: 4 mm, long, 12° direction of view, autoclavable
WA20023A: 4 mm, long, 70° direction of view, autoclavable

Olympus® Service & Repair

Olympus offers a broad range of services to healthcare professionals and to our customers, including contact hour and peer-based training courses; information, training tools and videos on infection control and reprocessing; authorized repair services and support on Olympus equipment; and financing solutions to help your facility with acquisition of new capital equipment, accessories, and maintenance plans.

Need Help?

Cleaning, Disinfection & Sterilization

The proper cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of Olympus equipment is equally as important as their proper use. 

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Olympus Training & Proper Use

Olympus Continuum, is a comprehensive platform of education and training experiences led by healthcare experts from around the world. Learning opportunities include hands-on courses, online learning, lectures and workshops, peer-to-peer training, accredited continuing education, and on-demand learning.

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