Access Sheaths


Access Sheaths

UroPass® Ureteral Access Sheath—a dual durometer, hydrophilic-coated sheath and lubricious, tapered dilator glides easily through the urethra into the UO to establish a superb conduit for atraumatic passage of endoscopes and retrieval devices. The durometer increases as the clear coating transitions to blue giving it the ideal flexibility needed to navigate tortuous anatomy. The stainless steel coil reinforced sheath prevents kinking and resists sidewall collapse even in the most difficult anatomy. Both the sheath and dilator are radiopaque for ease of viewing and positioning.

One-handed operation of the thumb tabs quickly releases the snap-in locking mechanism when the UroPass® Sheath is in position. Suture holes on the sheath hub allow it to be anchored to the sterile drape. The wide funnel-shaped hub guides ureteroscopes and retrieval devices into the sheath without the need for direct visualization or orientation.

Key Benefits

  • Dilator tip tapered from 6 to 12 Fr. quickly accesses the UO and gently dilates the intramural ureter
  • PTFE dilator passes easily through the sheath
  • Sheath is PTFE lined to ensure easy ureteroscope passage and rapid stone removal
  • Dual durometer sheath for flexibility where needed
  • Radiopaque sheath and dilator for easy positioning
  • Hydrophilic coating reduces friction and facilitates passage
  • Stainless-steel, coil-reinforced sheath prevents kinking or buckling and resists sidewall collapse

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