Red Dichromatic Imaging

RDI™ Technology – The Power to See Deeper

Red Dichromatic Imaging

One of several new technologies available with the EVIS X1™ endoscopy system, Red Dichromatic Imaging (RDI™) technology is designed to improve the visibility of bleeding points within the mucosa and to enhance the visibility of deep blood vessels compared to white light.1

Gastrointestinal bleeding is a serious challenge, involving considerable mortality of 2-10% and high management costs,2 and prevention of complications is critical. RDI technology supports identification of these bleeding points, as well as quick and easy hemostasis.1 It is also designed to identify deep blood vessels, which is helpful to an endoscopist working in the submucosal space during an endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) or an endoscopic mucosal dissection (EMR); they can establish clear visualization of these deep vessels prior to making an incision.1 Therefore, RDI technology may help to reduce stress and procedure time for emergency bleeding and endoscopic resection.1

How It Works

RDI technology works by applying the same principle of NBI™ (Narrow Band Imaging™) technology. However, rather than selecting short wavelengths of light (Blue and Green) to view surface patterns and blood vessels, RDI technology uses Green, Amber and Red. These longer wavelengths of light penetrate more deeply into human mucosal tissue and support visualization of bleeding points and deep blood vessels.1

The following video explains how RDI technology works and its purpose during an endoscopic procedure.

The following video shows Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pohl using an EVIS X1 GIF-1100 gastroscope during an upper GI procedure with RDI technology.

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1 Data on file with Olympus (DC00489968).

2 Parker, D. R., Luo, X., Jalbert, J. J., Assaf, A. R. (2011). “Impact of upper and lower gastrointestinal blood loss on healthcare utilization and costs: a systematic review.” Journal of Medical Economics, 14(3), 279-287. doi: 10.3111/13696998.2011.571328.

RDI is a trademark of Olympus Corporation, Olympus America, Inc., and/or their affiliates.

RDI™ technology is not intended to replace histopathological sampling as a means of diagnosis.

Clinical video provided by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pohl using a GIF-1100 gastroscope.

The EVIS X1™ endoscopy system is not designed for cardiac applications. Other combinations of equipment may cause ventricular fibrillation or seriously affect the cardiac function of the patient. Improper use of endoscopes may result in patient injury, bleeding, and/or perforation. Complete indications, contraindications, warnings, and cautions are available in the Instructions for Use (IFU).