Universal Ultrasound Processor (EU-ME2)

Endoscopic Ultrasound

Universal Ultrasound Processor (EU-ME2)

The EU-ME2 and EU-ME2 Premier Plus provide outstanding image quality, comparable to a large radiology processor, in a compact model. They were designed to meet the needs of physicians performing a wide range of EUS and EBUS procedures. New and enhanced features improve visualization and assist in diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional procedures for cancers and diseases of the GI track and surrounding organs, such as the pancreas, bile duct, liver, spleen and gallbladder, as well as cancers and diseases in the airways.

The versatile EU-ME2 is forward and backward compatible with a wide range of Olympus EUS and EBUS scopes as well as ultrasound miniature probes. Since the processor is appropriate for gastroenterology, pulmonary and thoracic surgery departments, it offers healthcare facilities with a cost-effective resource that can be shared across specialties.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced features advance visualization: The EU-ME2’s features contribute to improved visualization producing clearer, more detailed images. For example, improved B-mode may enable more accurate identification of tumors and tissue properties and boundaries leading to improved quality of care.
  • Compatibility advances versatility: Compact and able to fit on an endoscopy tower, the EU-ME2 is backward and forward compatible helping facilities achieve efficient asset management to realize significant cost savings through lower cost of ownership.
  • New features advance functionality: The EU-ME2 is equipped with new features that expand the modes of observation, designed to assist in diagnosis. For example, elastography, new to Olympus ultrasound processors, provides an additional imaging modality to map tissue elasticity. This may help indicate disease and highlight new areas to biopsy leading to increased quality of care.
  • Procedural flexibility: The EU-ME2 supports EUS-FNA, EBUS-TBNA, radial EUS and EBUS with miniature probes, peripheral bronchoscopy, and provides imaging frequencies from 5 to 20 MHz.

Product Support

Voltage (Voltage Fluctuation): 100 - 240 V AC (± 10%)
Frequency (Frequency Fluctuation): 50/60 Hz (±1 Hz)
Consumption Electric Power: 370 VA

Dimensions–Main Unit: 371 (W) x 175 (H) x 480 (D) mm [445 (W) x 184 (H) x 495 (D) mm maximum]
Dimensions–Keyboard: 392 (W) x 39 (H) x 207 (D) mm
Weight–Main Unit: 22.5 kg
Weight–Keyboard: 2.5 kg

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