Ultra-Catch NT No-Tip Nitinol Basket

Stone Retrieval

Ultra-Catch NT No-Tip Nitinol Basket

Olympus Ultra-Catch NT- No Tip Nitinol Baskets are uniquely designed to provide exceptional control and facilitate easy stone capture. The twisted wire cage design with the patented no-tip disc maintains shape in even the most challenging cases while the round nitinol wires minimize tissue trauma during use in restricted spaces. The user friendly, ergonomic handle provides single handed rotation with an intuitive basket actuation to improve efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Four-wire basket design:  Allows for easy capture and release of stones.
  • Twisted-wire cage:  Highly-durable and maintains shape and form even under extreme duress.
  • Atraumatic distal disc tip:  Minimizes tissue trauma during manipulation in restricted spaces. 
  • Polymer sheath with highly flexible distal end:  Provides durability while eliminating sheath compression or stretching with full scope deflection.
  • Torque responsive shaft and ergonomic handle:  Control and security to ensure safe and effective stone removal.

Product Support

Olympus retrieval products deliver precise control and versatile performance, helping to simplify stone removal while minimizing patient trauma, reducing procedure times, and improving patient outcomes. The broad array of Olympus retrieval products are designed to meet the unique challenges presented by each patient and each case. For detailed specifications or to determine the appropriate device for your needs, please contact customer service for assistance, online or by phone 1-800-401-1086.

Product Code Product Description
NT4W18115 1.8 Fr 4 wire Nitinol no tip basket
NT4W22115 2.2 Fr 4 wire Nitinol no tip basket
NT4W30115 3.0 Fr 4 wire Nitinol no tip basket


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