OES ELITE 4mm HD Telescope


OES ELITE 4mm HD Telescope

Olympus is the first in the market to introduce Extra Low Dispersion (ED) Glass 4 mm telescopes in rigid surgical endoscopy. The OES ELITE 4 mm HD Telescopes are designed with extra-low dispersion (ED) glass, which in turn minimizes chromatic aberration. When used with NBI, images appear rich in contrast in all directions of view: 0º, 12º, 30º, 30° wide angle and 70º. State-of-the-art HD technology demonstrates increased depth of sharpness and excellent image resolution. 


Key Benefits

  • New advanced optical design is compatible with HD camera heads
  • OES Elite telescopes provide enhanced contrast with Narrow Band Imaging (NBI®); NBI enables effective targeting of biopsies not seen under white light
  • Protective tubing is specifically designed to prevent any damage to telescope during transport and reprocessing
  • Full compatibility with OES Pro System
  • Color coding and HD marking allows for clear product identification and compatibility

Product Support

Product Ordering Information

  • WA2T400A     OES Elite Telescope, 4mm, 0° HD, autoclavable
  • WA2T412A     OES Elite Telescope, 4mm, 12° HD, autoclavable
  • WA2T430A     OES Elite Telescope, 4mm, 30° HD, autoclavable
  • WA2T470A     OES Elite Telescope, 4mm, 70° HD, autoclavable
  • WA2T43WA    OES Elite Telescope, 4mm, 30° wide-angle HD, autoclavable
  • WA2P400A     Protective Tube 

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The proper cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of Olympus equipment is equally as important as their proper use. 

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