Endoscope Visual Reprocessing Guide

An easy-to-use training video tool for new and experienced reprocessing technicians.

Olympus aims to assist your facility and staff at all times, in any scenario. We understand the importance of infection prevention and patient safety, and we strive to meet the needs of your facility with an easy-to-use, up-to-date visual guide for endoscope reprocessing.

Compliant with Olympus endoscope reprocessing manuals, the use of close-up videos demonstrate specific steps and techniques during the endoscope reprocessing process. With the Endoscope Visual Reprocessing Guide users can easily follow the endoscope reprocessing manual.

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Supported Endoscopes

Endoscope Visual Reprocessing Guides have been developed to support several Olympus endoscopes:

  • TJF-Q190V Manual Cleaning
  • TJF-Q180V Manual Cleaning
  • TJF-160VF/F, JF-140F Manual Cleaning
  • OER-Pro: Loading the TJF-Q180V, TJF-160VF/F & JF-140F
  • PCF-H190TL/I Full Reprocessing Cycle (Precleaning through Storage)

To help ensure we are continually meeting the needs of your facility, additional guides are being created to aid in the reprocessing of Olympus endoscopes.

Endoscope Reprocessing Training Tool
A guided walk-through of endoscope reprocessing steps makes the Visual Reprocessing Guide an easy-to-use training resource both for new and experienced technicians.
Review of
reprocessing steps
New hire training tool
Mock auditing tool
reprocessing guide
Clearly displays endoscope reprocessing equipment needed
Provides up-close instruction on endoscope reprocessing
Calls out specifics referenced in the endoscope reprocessing manual

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