ALDAHOL® 1.8 is the result of a ground-breaking and patent-pending scientific discovery

Scientists discovered that low concentrations of isopropanol greatly enhance the mycobactericidal activity of glutaraldehyde. ALDAHOL® 1.8 was created to provide fast-acting, room-temperature and high-level disinfection for reprocessing.

10-minute, Room-Temperature (68°F), High-Level Disinfection

  • Validated for material compatibility with Olympus flexible endoscopes
  • Used at room temperature (68°F), ALDAHOL® 1.8 frees your facility from the time and expense of having to continuously heat chemicals resulting in lower energy costs
  • Prevent damage to your scopes caused by heated chemicals
  • Ideal for all flexible endoscopes, including cystology and urology scopes
  • Easy to use liquid activator
  • Convenient 14-day use life
  • Easy to interpret Aldechek® ALDAHOL® 1.8 glutaraldehyde test strips to measure the minimum recommended concentration (MRC)

Simple to use, Fast Acting

ALDAHOL® 1.8 rinses easily from surfaces and unlike other aldehyde-based solutions it does not carry a contraindication for cystological or urological instruments.

ALDAHOL® 1.8 is a patent-pending combination of glutaraldehyde and isopropanol. It is rapidly active against all vegetative bacteria, fungi, virus types, mycobacteria, and spore-forming bacteria.

The Science Behind It

The combination of isopropanol and potassium acetate with glutaraldehyde greatly increases the killing speed of  spore-forming bacteria which is fundamental to the practical germicidal properties.

Minimize exposure and contain or exhaust the fumes from all liquid chemical germicides. Always follow the label directions.

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