Olympus Uptime Guarantee

The Olympus Uptime Guarantee (OUG) is a no-cost enhancement to our comprehensive Full Service Agreement. It is designed to curb delays caused by out-of-service equipment, enabling you to maximize procedural uptime. OUG delivers unprecedented benefits to eligible* Full Service Agreement customers including:

Next-Day Replacement: OUG provides no hassle, next-day replacement for surgical products in need of repair through our Advanced Replace® Program - guaranteed.
Guaranteed Service: If we are unable to provide next-day replacement, Olympus will cover half of refurbishment level charges upon inspection of the out-of-service product.
Expense Control: Full Service Agreements already provide accidental damage coverage and fixed monthly repair expenditures. With OUG, your Full Service Agreement will reflect the specific repair required for your out-of-service product, rather than a pre-fixed charge.

See the complete Olympus Uptime Guarantee Product List for the latest products eligible for the OUG program.

Follow Four Steps to Receive the Olympus Uptime Guarantee:

  1. Call 1-800-848-9024 by 8PM EST, Monday – Friday, to request an Advanced Replacement (ARP).
  2. Provide contact information, model, serial number, and other requested information to a Customer Solutions Representative. OUG eligibility will be confirmed.
  3. Receive ARP shipping confirmation and an RMA for your out-of-service product.
  4. Upon receipt of Advanced Replacement, immediately send out-of-service product to Olympus.

*Eligibility Requirements:
Product must be listed on current Olympus Uptime Guarantee product list, and Product must be covered on a Full Service Agreement with a start date of 01/01/15 or later.

For more information on the Olympus Uptime Guarantee contact us or your Olympus sales representative or call 1-800-401-1086.